Kendama Europe Pro-Team
The Kendama Europe Pro-Team concists of a vary of different Kendama enthusiasts
around the world. Each Player comes from a different Region, has a different sports
background and has his own style of playing. Their love for Kendama and pioneer
Kendama Styles are bringing them together.
Yannick Brunner
Yannick's videos
Play Why Be Kendama - Edit 7 (The PLAY Kendamas)
Play Yannick Brunner & Daniela Von Rohr - Swisskendama Edit
Play PLAY Kendama Edit #1 - Yannick Brunner
Yannick Brunner
3rd DAN Expert

Master of Spacewalks

When and how did you get in Kendama?
I saw a Video of a Friend playing Kendama Winter 2010. As I've always been fascinated of skill toys I knew I had to get my hands on a Kendama.
What was your motivation to start playing Kendama?
I didn’t need any motivation, I was instantly addicted to it.
Which are your favorite tricks and how would you describe your own Kendama style?
My favorite tricks are spacewalk combinations which also describes my style in a certain way. I guess I’m known as a funky fresh player in the scene.
What was the nicest or most unusual place where you did ever PLAY Kendama?
I once walked onto a mountain (8,353 ft) at 1am just to play Kendama on the top with the sun rising.
What was your most unexpected moment in your Kendama life?
When Turner Thorne came up with his third Kendama edit, after becoming a PRO. Back in the time this was just unreal and a huge jump to a next level in playing Kendama.
What does Kendama mean to you?
To me, Kendama is much more than just a toy. It supports our mind, body and soul. It shares joy and passion what brings people together - and makes the world better.
How often do you practice Kendama?
The days back, when I started playing Kendama I did practice every possible minute. Today, as the times have changed, I’m practicing only every possible day. ;)
Are there any tricks that need to be practiced daily in able to perform them consistently? - If yes, which are those tricks?
Every single trick that a Kendama Player wants to learn needs to be practiced as much as possible until the routine adjusts. Some tricks are easier to perform than others, but you need much experience for the harder high skill tricks. Those are the ones which we should practice daily.
You are living in the Swiss Mountainside, and you are very much into Fun sports like for example Snowboarding. Do you see any connection between Kendama playing and Snowboarding? – If yes, what is it?
Yes, you did definitely hit a point. I see a lot of connections between Snowboarding and playing Kendama but the most important one for me personally is to break out of the daily routine, where only my challenge and I for the next trick exist. Doing those sports I’m able to free my mind from daily business.
Who inspires you to Play Kendama?
It’s not a single person, it’s the whole worldwide Kendama scene. Of course all my Kendama friends but also all the daily upcoming new players with unique styles and new ways to bring the game forward.
Where do you see the Kendama scene in about 5 years?
The hype of playing Kendama is now bigger than ever before so the ‚’family‘’ will grow fast in the next few years. At the time, the PRO Players are ruling the game and not the industry. Which is awesome. So if we now continue like this it’s going to be a big bunch of people doing what they love. From Kendama players for Kendama players.
Which advise can you give to the young kids how want to become a very good Kendama Player?
Don’t give up. Spread the love of Kendama and be fascinated of it again and again.

Personal Records

  • Swiss national Champion
  • 3rd place European Kendama Championship in Denmark
  • 1st place speed trick Battle B
  • 3rd place Dan Jam
  • Swiss national Champion
  • 3rd place European Kendama Championship in Munich